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26 September 2015

Useful hints and tips

The battery life of any tracking device will determine if you get your hound home safe.  All the claims of extended life, sleep mode, on and on, don't mean a thing when you cannot get a signal on your dog.  Garmin and GPS equipment out there are the best tools to come along in a long time.  We remember before tracking collars, you spent more time hunting your dogs then hunting.  Just remember - if you have a hound that will bay up game in say - a culvert.  If you have the kind of dog that will stay in the game's face until it no longer has a voice - then your GPS will probably be dead.  Put a West Coast Telemetry Tag-A-Long on the same strap as your GPS and you will have a back up in case that GPS goes dead.  8,000 hours works out to be almost a year.  If you haven't found your dog by then chances are you never will.  $99 is small price to pay for peace of mind.

20 May 2015

We have the most amazing customers

Thanks Kevin and Jodi F in Kendrick ID for your email.  We now know you truly believe our company logo "Bring your hound home safe with WCTS".  A $99 Tag-A-Long was cheap insurance and back up.  They are our best seller.  Hope your season is a good one.

02 April 2015

Gary's Hunting Stories

A hard-learned lesson about a great hound that had staying power.  Billie would stay in a cat's face until she had it.  Especially if it was in a culvert.  She would bay at it until she was hoarse and had no voice.  Only after three days she did give up the battle and come out.  Now on this occassion if Gary had been using Garmin - we would never have gotten her back.  Three days of trying to get a signal on her; then finally with a roof-mounted non-directional antenna we heard a faint beep, beep, beep.  We followed the sound as it got stronger and stronger.  There she was, coming along the river.  Hungry, tired and glad to see us.  Telemetry brought her back to us.  Tag-A-Longs mount on the same strap with Garmin GPS for only $99, small price to pay to bring a valuable warrior home.

30 March 2015

Helpful Hints & Tips

You have checked all your equipment.  Batteries are good, all the collars turn off and on.  You have leashes and tie outs.  Your truck is in good shape.  The hounds have had their shots.  You are certain you have prepared for the up coming season.  Nothing can ensure a disaster like having an id plate on your hound's collar that doesn't have the correct phone number on it.  A new collar with an id nameplate is a small price to pay to "Bring your hound home safe with WCTS"

22 March 2015

We have the most amazing customers

Olympic Tree Hound Association - Thank you for having us.  What a great field event and then the delicious food was so over the top. To all our loyal customers - glad to see all of you.  Remember we sell Garmin products and you know our customer service.

17 March 2015

Chessie's paid hunt with MANAC (Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force & Coast Guard)

She is becoming a great waterfowl dog.  We were excited to hunt the Skagit Valley in Washington.  The guides said if she was behaved we could bring her.  She is very well behaved.  One of the other guys on the hunt shot down a duck that went into a blackberry briar.  The guide's dog looked but could not find the bird.  Chessie was given a chance and she looked and looked.  Then out she came with the duck.  At the end of the day the guides were so impressed with her they told us we could bring her hunting anytime we came.  So like proud parents we love to brag her up.

13 March 2015

We have the most amazing customers

Shawn S from Oregon is an example of someone who has given us a chance to meet his needs.  Many thanks to all the people who continue to return to us for their hunting needs.  Hope you like the new Garmin Pro 70 you just purchased from us.  Thanks again Shawn.

10 March 2015

Helpful Hints & Tips

If your Garmin GPS collars do not seem to be getting out as well as when they were new; a quick check can give you an idea of where the problem is - trade out the battery with another one from one of your other collars, if the problem is still there - your next test should be to replace the antenna, it can be internally cracked or broken.  We sell replacement antennas for the Garmin GPS collars.  We also sell on Ebay.

30 October 2014

Helpful Hints and Tips

Hunting Season is about to start - add this to your check list - check the id collars on all your hounds.  Be sure the id plate has your correct phone numbers on them.  If the collars are in bad shape - replace them.  A hound with no id is a lost dog with very little chance to be returned to you.  We sell dayglo collars with a nameplate for $7.  A small price to pay to get your hound back.

17 September 2014

Helpful Hints & Tips

Hog hunting is year round but sometimes it is necessary to inspect and examine your equipment to keep it in top performance.  One good test is get your Tracking Collar out and your beeper box, pull the magnet out and insure the collar comes on, then replace the magnet to be sure it shuts off.  If your tracking collar fails to start up you may have a stuck switch.  DO NOT beat the collar on the work bench, as the switch is a small glass tube.  Leave the magnet out for 24 hours if it doesn’t start up, call us we will glad talk to you about other solutions. West Coast Telemetry 1-800-833-8236.

26 August 2014

We have the most amazing customers

Thank you Louis S. from Midwest OK.  We try to do our best to make our customers happy with our product and with our service.  We sure appreciate it when one of our customers take the time to let us know we are doing it right.  In an ocean of companies we try to let everyone know - we will try and give you the best prices and try to be available to you when things so wrong. 

20 August 2014

We have the most amazing customers

Thanks for making our day, Greg H. from Vermont.  When you call it is not always during normal business hours; but we pride ourselves on trying to be there for our customers.  We forward our phones when we are on vacation or out of town, or up at the post office.  Our customers are not an inconvience they are our reason to be in business.  So when you said you can tell when you talk to either of us you can hear the smile in our voices, we appreciate you noticing. 

14 August 2014

Chessie's Mischievous Antics

If she meets us at the gate and smiles at us, we know she has done something while we were gone.  She tells on herself.  Generally she finds something to drag out into the yard.  Once it was a pair of pink pajama bottoms.  She takes the wash cloth off the sink and puts it by the back door.  We videoed her doing it once, the minute we were out the gate she had that wash cloth.  Her game, she has taught us how to play.  She is a wonderful water dog and we love her.  She is a pet and well as a working dog.  But most of all she is our Brown Clown.

06 August 2014

We have the most amazing customers

We NOW work on Wildlife collars.  In the past we have not done battery replacements on Wildlife - NO MORE.  Our wonderful customers have sent us collars to experiment on and we now are confident in our ability to perform battery replacements on Wildlife Materials collars.  We can install 8,000 or 16,000 batteries for only $40.00.  Be sure to put your name and phone number inside the box, and tell us the size of batteries you would like us to put into your collars. 

06 August 2014

Helpful Hints and Tips

Keep your dogs cool in the hot weather.  Our four legged warriors get over heated just like we do.  Freeze up some doggie pops, use an ice tray, water and a little beef broth to encourage them to chomp them up.  Helps cool them down and they will pester you for more. 
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