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26 September 2015

Useful hints and tips

The battery life of any tracking device will determine if you get your hound home safe.  All the claims of extended life, sleep mode, on and on, don't mean a thing when you cannot get a signal on your dog.  Garmin and GPS equipment out there are the best tools to come along in a long time.  We remember before tracking collars, you spent more time hunting your dogs then hunting.  Just remember - if you have a hound that will bay up game in say - a culvert.  If you have the kind of dog that will stay in the game's face until it no longer has a voice - then your GPS will probably be dead.  Put a West Coast Telemetry Tag-A-Long on the same strap as your GPS and you will have a back up in case that GPS goes dead.  8,000 hours works out to be almost a year.  If you haven't found your dog by then chances are you never will.  $99 is small price to pay for peace of mind.

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