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ShopHoundsDIY Tagalong Conversion Kit 8000 or 16000 baterry
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DIY Tagalong Conversion Kit 8000 or 16000 baterry

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This is a Do It Yourself (DIY) kit to convert Johnson, West Coast, Kline Style collars to Tagalongs. You will be able to convert YOUR tracking collar to function just like on of our Tag-A-Longs. They slide right on your GPS strap to have the best of both worlds. GPS and Beep,beep. You can choose your battery with either an 8,000 or a 16,000 battery your choice. All that for just $60. The kit comes with all the parts you will need to accomplish the conversion. NEW battery, NEW Antenna with Spring support, two tagalong clips and a rivet for each loop. You will need to cut the old battery out being careful to not touch the transmitter and don't cut the base plate. Attach the battery with epoxy and you can decide what to use for sealing it, acrylic, e.g. For attaching the antenna you will need to remove the old antenna. For and additional $5 fee we will include a new base plate for use to convert Quick Track, RATS, Magnum. Sorry no conversions for Wildlife Materials collars.

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