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MK Series Tracking Collar

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We offer the finest in tracking collars.  All tracking collars are hand-crafted.  The MK series collars come in three sizes:  MK4 with a 4,000 hour battery life for small dogs e.g. Jack Russells and Beagles comes with a full powered transmitter. The MK8 with a 8,000 hour battery life fits comfortably on any trail or hunting hound at only 9.5 ounces, will never interfere with your hounds performance.  Your older hounds will love this collar. The MK16 with a 16,000 hour battery is by far the most popular MK series collar, at just over 12 ounces.  All collars are hand made with acrylic.  As you know nothing is hog proof but West Coast Telemetry tracking collars come close.

Color of straps are: Red, Blue, Orange, Purple, Lime Green, Neon Yellow, Black, Camo, Hot Pink

Additional Detail:  Our Tracking Collars were $125 now only $105 Each, additional $10 for a tree switch, limited to frequencies on hand. Range will vary according to terrain and type of receiver, typically 2-10 miles.  The WCTS MKII transmitter is as powerful a transmitter as is available on the market today.  And great care is taken to insure each and every collar leaves our shop will give you years of trouble free performance.

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